Location & Surroundings

Unveiling Our Idyllic Setting

Nestled in Nature’s Embrace

- Our Prime Serengeti Spot

Welcome to the heart of the wild. Land of Nature Camps is cradled in the central Serengeti, a stone’s throw from the life-rich plains of Seronera. Our location is more than a pin on the map; it’s a carefully chosen haven that offers an intimate connection with Africa’s soul-stirring landscapes.

The Seronera Valley
A Wildlife Haven

Seronera, known for its rich wildlife and classic savannah scenery, is the jewel of the Serengeti. Here, the Big Five roam freely, and the skies are a theatre of birdlife. Our proximity to this natural wonder means that your safari begins the moment you step outside your tent.

Tranquillity by the Mto Banagi River

The gentle murmur of the Mto Banagi River is the soundtrack to life at “Land of Nature.” This serene waterway is not just a picturesque backdrop; it’s a thriving habitat for birds and a peaceful retreat for moments of reflection. Whether you’re a keen birdwatcher or simply seeking a place to unwind, the river’s banks offer a sanctuary of calm.

The Serengeti Ecosystem
A World Heritage

Surrounding our camp is the greater Serengeti ecosystem, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most celebrated wilderness areas on the planet. It’s a landscape that has remained unchanged for millennia, offering a rare glimpse into the heart of the natural world.

Accessibility and Adventure

Despite our deep immersion in the wild, Land of Nature Camp remains accessible. Smooth airstrips nearby mean that your journey to us is as effortless as it is exciting. Once here, the central location makes it convenient for daily excursions, whether you’re venturing out for game drives at dawn or chasing the golden sunset.

At Land of Nature Camp, every facility and amenity is infused with the essence of the Serengeti. From gastronomic delights to peaceful lounges and exhilarating tours, all the way to personalized services—we offer an experience that transcends the ordinary, crafted with an unwavering commitment to your comfort and connection to the wild.